Fashion Fantasy: Karlie Kloss wears layered pearls and an embroidered chiffon & organza dress from Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012 in the surreal editorial ‘Sweet Escape’ shot by Nick Knight and styled by Edward Enninful for W October 2012

”This shoots inspiration came from the kind of macabre, nightmarish illustrations that litter childhood fiction, offering up a vision which is part Grimm’s fairy tale part mature Parisian opulence. It combines symbolism that is both sweet and sinister.” - via.

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I had to scrub the smell of the saltwater from my skin tonight. It was much stronger then it ever was before. When I looked at the ocean for the first time in months, I saw past the tides and the rhythm, and I looked into our future. I envisioned the way you would wake me up with your lips, and how the only way I could ever be able to sleep soundly was to fall into the imagination of the life we could have had if you would have just stayed true to what you said would always be unbreakable.

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Claude Monet’s “Misty Morning on the Seine in Blue.”


Beach at Alamere Falls  |  Jeff B.


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Rene MagritteThe Lovers, 1928

Magritte’s mother was a suicidal woman, which led her husband, Magritte’s father, to lock her up in her room. One day, she escaped, and was found down a nearby river dead, having drowned herself. According to legend, 13 year old Magritte was there when they retrieved the body from the river. As she was pulled from the water, her dress covered her face. This later became a theme in many of Magritte’s paintings in the 1920’s, portraying people with cloth covering their faces.

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 Antonio da Sangallo the Younger > Bernini - Scala Regia.

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